Why Apple Cider Vinegar Fans Are Mad at Katy Perry

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Fans Are Mad at Katy Perry

Katy Perry seems to have unwittingly become the target of discontent surrounding Bragg apple cider vinegar, with claims that the product’s quality has deteriorated since she, along with partner Orlando Bloom and other investors, acquired the company in 2019. TikTok user @tennesseejill shared a video in December showcasing two seemingly different batches of Bragg apple cider vinegar on a store shelf, sparking a wave of disappointment among fans who trusted the brand.

Numerous social media posts express dismay and betrayal, accusing Perry of diluting the apple cider vinegar to make it more profitable. However, Linda Boardman, CEO of Bragg Live Food Products, denies any changes to the formula and attributes variations to the natural aspects of an organic product. According to her statement to Eater, the live, unpasteurized, and unfiltered nature of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar can lead to color variations based on factors like apple type, season, harvest, and product age.

The significance of this controversy extends beyond salad dressings, as apple cider vinegar has long been hailed as a health food with various supposed benefits. Bragg’s association with health and wellness dates back to its founder, Paul Bragg, a bodybuilder and health advocate who established Bragg’s Health Food Store in 1912. Despite the product’s popularity, recent revelations have surfaced about falsehoods surrounding Bragg Live Foods, including misleading claims that led to regulatory scrutiny, Paul Bragg’s age manipulation, and questionable family ties.

Contrary to the health claims associated with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, recent reports challenge its effectiveness in areas like weight loss and dietary improvement. Despite the lack of scientific evidence supporting these claims, the product continues to thrive in wellness communities, often influenced by celebrity endorsements.

Katy Perry’s involvement in Bragg dates back to her familial connection with the Braggs and their shared love for apple cider vinegar. According to Orlando Bloom, they considered taking over the company as a way to continue its legacy when Patricia Bragg, the former CEO, decided to retire in 2019. Perry remains an investor but is not directly involved in day-to-day management.

Despite the uproar on social media, neither Perry nor Bloom has responded to the accusations. The surge in apple cider vinegar’s popularity during the pandemic has heightened the loyalty of its users, making any perceived decline in quality more distressing for consumers.

While the evidence suggests that this may be an isolated batch issue rather than a deliberate act by Katy Perry to compromise the product, consumers may need to reevaluate their reliance on apple cider vinegar for health benefits beyond flavoring meals.

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